The first of two new series is of musicians  and composers using layers of plexi glass painted and/or collaged.  The second series, "Hail To The Chief" are digital pieces of the 14 US Presidents who played musical instruments.

My other mixed media pieces/collages are musically themed. With these pieces, I explore different techniques such as inverted canvases and dimensionetc. While many of these pieces have music in their composition, others simply express how music influences me. Here I show my passion for bold colors, line, form and dimension to communicate its message.  

The sculptures are also inspired by my love of music. I use piano parts, vinyl records, and other found objects.  I also use beads and piano parts to create jewelry, many of which are beneath the sound board and not visible to the naked eye.

The rest of my portfolio includes acrylic paintings, many of which are inspired by nature, its beauty, contrasts and spontaneity and express how I see the natural world.  My style is aimed at communicating an emotional response as opposed to a literal translation of the subject.  I set out to convey rhythm, harmony and color using a textural approach via the palate knife, many layers of paint and varied brush strokes.  Although I enjoy bold colors, I use a broad palate to represent nature's complexity and diversity. As in everything I do, music permeates through.

Thank you for supporting my art.

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